Rates WYSZ physiotherapy and manual therapy

Reitdiep has a contract with most insurance companies. This means that we submit the invoice for our sessions directly to the insurer as long as your “additional insurance” allows. If you do not have additional insurance, or if your compensation has been used up, the rates below apply.

For 2023 we have decided to reject the contracts of Zorg en Zekerheid and Caresq. The rates that these insurance companies offer do not meet our expectations. If you are insured with one of these companies you will receive an invoice from us. After payment you can refund this with your insurance company.


Before you make an appointment, we advise you to first check your policy. In your policy you can find out how many sessions you will be reimbursed for. If you have been to see a therapist before, it is also wise to check how many sessions you have already used. That way you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

Session physiotherapy
Session manual therapy € 51,50
Screening € 15,50
Intake € 56,50

Surcharge for session at home

€ 15,00