What is medical taping?

The basis of the Medical Taping Concept was laid in the seventies in Japan and Korea.

In this period, tape methods with elastic tape were developed that took the theory of movement (kinesiology) and the knowledge about muscle activity in the human body as a starting point.

The founders of Medical Taping were aware that movement and muscle activity are indispensable factors in curing and preventing physical problems.

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How does medical taping work?

The underlying idea is that muscles not only influence the movements of the body, but they also influence blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and body temperature, for example.

If the muscles do not work properly, this can result in various complaints and symptoms. However, when the non-functioning muscles are supported with this special elastic tape, it will stimulate the self-healing ability of the body.

Medical tape can be used for many different complaints. It can be used as a support for muscle injuries as well as for joint-complaints. It can also help very well for posture correction.

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When to use medical taping?

As already stated above, medical taping can be used for multiple complaints.

WYSZ physiotherapy mainly uses this technique for tennis elbow complaints, knee complaints, Achilles tendon complaints and shoulder complaints. But you can also come to us for the treatment of hay fever. Do you have

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