Method physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a form of care that focuses on complaints to the musculoskeletal system. A physiotherapist can work together with the patient on improvement or full recovery by means of treatment techniques or exercises.

Do you have physical complaints? You can make an appointment for a consultation on referral from your gp or on your own initiative.  During this first contact, we examine what the exact problem is. In addition to examining the problem area, we also look at the causes and possible other factors that might influence the complaints.

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Treatmentplan physiotherapy Groningen

What does a treatmentplan look like overall? What actions can you expect from us?

Following the anamnesis (the first consult) and the physical examination, we will coordinate a treatmentplan in consultation with you. This treatment will often consist of manual treatments such as massage and mobilisations in the first phase. Next, we will pay attention to the prevention of relapse. This usually entails posture advice and exercises. These are done at home or under supervision in our practice. In our care you can count on an active approach to the existing complaints.

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Physiotherapy at home

Should you be unable to come to the practice in the Reitdiep Groningen district, our physiotherapists can also come to your home.

Please note: physiotherapy at home is always at the advice of your general practitioner or specialist. For this you need a written referral.

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