What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a treatment method through which the physiotherapist influences the pain complaints by means of an acupuncture needle.  For dry needling, a ‘dry’ (dry) acupuncture needle is used, so there is no liquid injected into the muscle.

Stephan Zijlstra, Willem Ypma and Derya Bozkan all have extensive experience with the application of dry needling.

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Trigger point treatment

This treatment focuses primarily on so-called trigger points in the muscles.

Trigger points are small “cramps” that cause pain, not only in the muscle, but also in the nearby nerve pathways and body parts. They can arise from numerous causes, including stress, physical overload, injuries, alcohol or use of chemicals. The human body builds up the trigger points randomly and involuntarily. This means that every human body has trigger points, but that you do not always have to suffer from them.

acupunctuur dry needling fysiotherapeut Groningen

Dry needling method

The treatment is aimed at disabling those trigger points that cause complaints.

Through targeted puncture with the acupuncture needle, the muscles become relaxed. In case of long-term complaints, the therapist often treats several muscles in one session. You practically do not feel the insertion of the needle. If the right trigger point is “pricked”, the muscle tightens briefly. This gives a kind of cramping feeling, after which the muscle usually relaxes immediately and you can easily move again. The treated part often feels a bit tired or stiff afterwards, but that is usually short-lived. After the treatment, you will receive exercises and targeted advice to sustain the improved situation.

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