What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is specifically looking for limitations in a joint, often it concerns the joints of the spine. A manual therapist specialises in carefully examining and treating these limitations.

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Easy manipulation and mobilisation

We distinguish manual therapy into two types of treatment: manipulating and mobilising.

The specific mobilisation of a vertebra can be done through calm, mobilising movements. It is also possible to opt for a manipulation of the area. Manipulating, also popularly called “cracking”, is a quick and efficient way to remove a limitation in the joint. The manipulation is often accompanied by an audible click and usually immediately increases freedom of movement and decreases characteristic pain complaints. The manipulation itself is generally not experienced as painful. At most as somewhat uncomfortable.

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manuele fysiotherapie Groningen WYSZ

Application of manual therapy

These are some of the complaints for which we may apply manual therapy:

  • (Chronic) neck complaints
  • (Chronic) low back pain
  • Upper back complaints or complaints to the rib cage
  • Headache complaints
  • Hernia complaints
  • Hip complaints
  • Neck and shoulder complaints

Willem and Stephan are both Master manual therapists and have the experience, knowledge and skills to treat you in a way that is both professional and agreeable. Do you have any questions or would you like to schedule an appointment? Please feel free to contact us.

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