What is child-manual therapy?

A child-manual therapist specialises in treating infants and children with KISS syndrome. KISS is the abbreviation of the German name “Kopfgelenk Induzierte Symmetrie Störungen.”

Loosely translated, KISS means ‘Disorders in the symmetrical development of the baby due to functional disorders in the upper neck joints’. The joints and muscles between the head and the three upper vertebrae play a major role in the development of the baby’s mobility and balance. The theory is that during childbirth there may be a limitation in those high vertebrae, so that the child cannot move properly and experiences pain. The baby/child often tends to tilt or overstretch the head. KIDD syndrome is a similar picture, but is often seen in older children.

You could say that a child with KISS syndrome continuously has a stiff neck that generally does not completely goes away. You’ll see that the child develops a preference in terms of posture and avoids a certain posture. Because babies can only communicate primarily, they will cry to indicate that they do not feel comfortable. This is very disturbing for many parents and often leads to a lot of stress. Because it is very difficult for parents to help get their child out of its preferred position by themselves, professional help is needed.

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Diagnosis KISS

To investigate whether your child has a neck problem, please contact us.

The therapist will generally come to your home; in a familiar environment both child and parent are most relaxed. Based on the intake,he can indicate whether your child’s situation corresponds with the KISS image, in which case the treatment can be started, inconsultation with the parent(s). The treatment will preferably take place in our practice at the Reitdiephaven in Groningen, but can alsobe carried out at your home.

Cause KISS syndrome

The functional disorder often lies with the upper cervical vertebrae.

These vertebrae play a crucial role in twisting, bending and stretching the head. The limitation high in the neck can affect the entirespine and the connections with the pelvis. This limitation can also cause a lot of pain in the child. The existing pain is often aggravatedby cramping of the surrounding muscles in the neck.

Treatment KISS syndrome

How do we treat KISS syndrome at WYSZ Physiotherapy Groningen?

Treatment consists of mild movements of the head and neck and minimal pressure on the muscle tissue. The treatment itself is always of short duration (10 minutes at most) and usually has an immediate effect. As a general rule, 3 to 4 treatments are sufficient to remedy the complaints. In some cases the process will take a little longer. After a year there is a follow-up check.